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Jill Zielinski is a graphic designer by trade and knitter/crafter by heart. Working from a studio in rural Michigan, Jill runs her freelance graphic design business, Jill Zielinski Designs, as well as her knitting/stationery business, Knitterella. She is a work-at-home-mom of 3 young, beautiful boys. She is truly thankful and counts her blessings that she is able to do what she loves all while being surrounded by who she loves.

Because of Jill’s strong understanding and tie to the fiber industry through Knitterella, a large amount of her clientèle are in the fiber industry. Jill couldn’t be happier continuing to combine what she loves – knitting and graphic design!

Jill takes pride in helping fellow knitters/crafters take charge of their graphic design needs to help their businesses grow and be seen. If you are a knitwear designer, owner of a fiber related business or just think my design style is right for you, please contact Jill Zielinski Designs for all of your professional, graphic design needs. AND, if you are not in the fiber industry that doesn’t mean that Jill Zielinski Designs isn’t right for you. Jill also works with many clients that are far from the fiber world. No matter what your business, Jill Zielinski Designs is sure to have design answers for you!

Below are a few of the services that Jill Zielinski Designs offers:

• Logo Design
• Ad Design
• Pattern Layout
• Book Design
• Custom Illustration
• Chart and Schematic Graphics
• Web Design
• Photography Services

Please contact for rates and availability.


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